Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meet Oliver and Otis

Here's pictures of the two souvenirs I got from San Juan Capistrano yesterday. I'll write the story tomorrow but I wanted to get the pictures up!




barbk said...

Or maybe Olivia and Otissa, did you check? ;-))

great gams on those critters and many of them...barbk

Anonymous said...

Jenn, I missed you when you were here at Christmas time. Did not get to Detroit to visit my family as weather wise driving was out! Really interesting to read your story about your year away from us to find things as you hope to do. It was good! I guess life to me at my age, and after 55yrs as a religious is still a mystery. I know He is there, and I know He walks with me. And I know He smiles at the times I forget or do not see His handiwork. But that is the mystery! Why does He put up with me? Well:BECAUSE HE LOVES ME AND I LOVE HIM even though I do not show it at times.
Barbara "the Hula Nun"