Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wild Fires

All over the news today is the wildfires around Southern California. They're in and around Los Angeles and for what I hear, that's usually where they stay. Right now there are some in Yorba Linda, which is 20 minutes north of here and in Corona which is in the mountains that I see out my bedroom window. I was at the foot of those mountains when I went to see my brother a few weeks ago. The Santa Ana winds that we've had for 2 days is feeding the fires to the point that fire has consumed 2000 acres in those areas.
This is the view from our window at the end of the hall

Taken 45 minutes later

Out the back of the motherhouse... these pictures were taken on the balcony:

Please pray for all the people in these areas, and pray that it doesn't come closer!
LA Fires
Yorba Linda Fires


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was telling someone the other day that that the fires were about 3 counties north of you....this is just to close for praying for less wind and more rain....and the folks who have lost homes....keep us posted tootsie...barbk

Anonymous said...

OOOPS..forgot to tell you, I enjoyed the Halloween pics...Bernie makes a good Pippi Longstocking....bk

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the fires, Jenn. We've been praying daily and are so aware especially because of Julie being from the L.A. Province. If we had rain, I'd send it but we're out of rain now in Nicaragua and just plain HOT. The heat is a reminder to pray for all those suffering from the fires. Keep us posted. Love, Jeanne