Sunday, September 14, 2008

#1 Song this Weekend

Yesterday after a day on Hollywood Blvd. we went to the Hollywood Bowl with about 35 Carondelet sisters. We saw Brian Wilson in concert. I didn't realize that it wasn't all the Beach Boys we were seeing and someone said that the others died.

Thought you'd like to listen to the #1 of the novices last night. Make sure your speakers are on and hit the triangle button to play!

Sloop John B - The Beach Boys


Anonymous said...

A tradition's the (her) the 70's (I know you weren't born yet, so no remarks) the federation conducted month long programs for people who had made vows 15 years +....they were called "Life Programs" The one that I attended was in 1978 in Kalamazoo,MI....some of the members of that group Jackie Schmitz, Jean McGrath, Joanne Vallaro, Kathleen Durkin, Marcia Allen and many other, some of whom you may now know....We didn't know each other then, but because "misery sometimes loves company" we bonded and remained buddies ever since, and who would of thought that some of us would be part of the wonderful new, Congregation of St. Joseph these many years later.....Our #1 song was the Sloop John B....we had a little variation on the words, but you'll have to ask me or JS what they were privately...or better yet, make up your own...

I'm glad you're being bearers of yet more tradition.....thanks for reminding me of the good memories....enjoy the time and each other...these are priceless days...sbk

Jackie Schmitz said...

I was there too! We bellowed the Sloop John B...our favorite, by far!
Am grateful for the wonderful folks with whom I remain connnected many years the result of a CSJ program. Hope you will be able to say the same! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I think I'll use this song for prayer tomorrow

Jeanne said...

It was good to catch up on your blog. I've missed having web access. Also,very good TALKING to and SEEING you today! I now understand about Thomas House. Sounds like a great place to minister. Your schedule sounds like I could enjoy it and fit right in.
Love, Jeanne