Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time Spent Wisely

Well finally we're on the normal schedule. It's taken us a while to get there. I've almost been here a month and it's taken us that long to get into the routine. Orientation is now over, we're all set with our ministry sites and our intercommunity schedule is straightened out. I was waiting until this point to give all of you an idea of our time here because I wasn't sure about it until I started living it.

This post, I'll focus on Monday - Wednesday and tell you about the other days another time.

Monday is our intercommunity day. We had our first one this week. We usually get together in the Los Angeles area, about 45 minutes away from 9:45 - 3 pm at the motherhouse that belongs to the Lovers of the Holy Cross. The program is supposed to be for novices but it's envolved into pre-candidates through 1st and 2nd year novices. There are about 40 of us plus all the directors. Each week there is a new speaker. This week Kathy Bryant, rsc joined us to talk about "God's Will and Our Desire". She focused mainly on the ideas of consolation and desolation and on Ignatian spirituality which fit all the CSJs present. The rest of this month we have:
Linda Buck, csj (Orange) - Family of Origin
Carol Quinlivan, csj - Journaling and Prayer (this will take place that the Orange CSJs place near Seal Beach)
Mondays we also have prayer together (which we all take turns leading) at 8am and after dinner. We have dinner together which we volunteer to cook for as well. We have our own kitchen and living space on 3rd floor that the 10 of us share. And after dinner and prayer each evening, we're free to relax it whatever way comes to us.

Tuesday and Wednesday look similar to each other. We pray at 8:30 and after dinner together. This is when a CSSJ speaker comes in for a few days to have class with us on their area of expertise. This week we had Paula Drass from Baden come to talk to us about the Charism and the Two Trinities. Class usually runs from 9-3 with breaks for reflection, Mass at 11 and lunch. (Lunch is provided downstairs in the dining room everyday with the sisters if we're around) Each week we are required to write a paper due on Sundays in which we talk about our reflections from this 2-day class time. Some people hate the papers, but I don't mind and even enjoy it because it allows me to get all my thoughts down on paper and process better. This reflection paper is only required to go to our director here.
This month we'll also spend this 2-day period talking about:
Ann and Bernie - Consensus Statement
Mary Ann Mulzet (Philadelphia?) - Prayer and Ritual

So that's how our time is well spent on Monday - Wednesday. Hope it helps give you an idea of the novitiate life. More to come...

If you have any questions for me ever or ideas about what you'd like to see on this blog, leave a comment and let me know!


Anonymous said...
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Kelly_SSJ/A said...

Hello there! Thought I would introduce myself as I have been following your blog since I came across it a bit ago. My name is Kelly and I am a C/SSJ associate from PA. I just wanted to let you know that you and all the novices have been in my thoughts and prayers. I have actually met some of your fellow novices so I have no doubt you all are having a blast in addition to going deep. :) blessings!

Anonymous said...

Once again, you're making my mouth water for all the wonderful input you're getting...I'd be particularly interested in the family of origin, journaling and prayer and the prayer and ritual…need to learn more about the two latter topics and I work with family of origin stuff with students and love talking about it, …not sure about the consolation/desolation one…necessary, but it’s the desolation that puts me off….the intercommunity gathering sounds exciting…..would love that…input from diverse sources…a good thing and a chance to form yet another community..a great thing!!…thanks for the schedule…will be praying with you, maybe at the same time you’ll be praying for me…’ll feel the vibes or maybe it will be a tremor… ;-))

Re the volunteering to do the paper…might not be valid since its your own reflections…but will pray that you will be inspired…Suggestion: do the Maxine thing and tell it like it is...sbk

Sandy, csj said...

Nice to see Paula's pic...

Jeanne Gamache, csj said...

Just caught up with your latest blog, Jenn. I find it really helpful to know how your days unfold. The days seem to be well balanced and are 'rich' with input and variety. I'm not surprised that you enjoy the writing of the paper each week. That's your thing, afterall. I too find it helpful to express in word or color what is happening within and it helps me clarify what gift is being received or given. Thanks for including us in this journey!
Love, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Ok, What about Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday? sbk

Anonymous said...

Sister... don't run ahead of grace!!! I'm getting there tonight or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Grace who? ;-))